About Mary Burns

My Work History

Hi, I am Mary, I became a Mobile Notary Public thru a long road of being an Escrow Officer.  I started my career working for my Mother's Escrow Office,  Western Mutual Escrow. I moved to Orange County and began at Forest E. Olson’s Escrow, Landmark Escrow, where I had to become a Notary, at this time still a Secretary.  That was my favorite job, I had the best boss, Jean Jackman. She knew how to make everyone work together and help one another in an otherwise competitive industry. It was here that I earned the title of Escrow Officer. After 5 years working with such an amazing team, my life changed and I relocated out to the Coachella Valley to be closer to my sister and her family. 

Here I worked for several Escrow Offices, and have now resided in the desert for over 30 years, making it my permanent home. As you may know, the summers can be very slow for most businesses so I created this business, at first, to supplement income in the hotter months. What started as a part time business, turned into a lifetime career and passion.  All those years spent in Escrow meant that I had to assist with “signing Loan Documents”.   I always enjoyed this part of job because I got to help people know what they were getting into with their loans. I am very comfortable with taking time to go through loan documents in great detail with my customers and explain what it all means. Because of this expertise I am able to discuss this with my customers, whereas most Notary Public's are not allowed to do this without proper training and background knowledge. Many of my customers find this a huge help when I sit down with them. I am so grateful to have this background knowledge to offer my customers even more value for their notary needs.  

What to Expect

Being that I come to you, I do my best to make sure I arrive promptly and well prepared to meet and exceed your expectations. When it comes to selecting a mobile Notary service, I hope that you will give me a call and let me make this process, simple, thorough and friendly. Because after all, no one ever wants to call a Notary unless they have to. Looking forward to continuing to provide excellent service to the Coachella Valley Residents. 

Looking Forward to Working with you!

Thank you for taking the time to visit my site and learn more about why I do what I do.    

Warm and Kind Regards,  

Mary Burns